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Hyper power Root Cause Analysis of multiple events by using all the data you have on previous occurrences.

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What Does SEER do?

Alarm and Event archives on process plants contain an untapped resource of process information. What the plant does in every type of trip and shutdown has been meticulously recorded by the alarm system, and that information is ready and waiting to be analysed and interpreted.


SEER creates a view of all previous occurrences of an event of interest, in one compelling interface. It plots alarms, events and Interventions before and after the event of interest over time. This allows Root Cause Analysis of specific events by using all the data you have on previous occurrences.


It can also be used for:

  • Loss reporting tool
  • Operator Assistance
  • Alarm Rationalisation


SEER requires a very performant alarm system, something that does not generally exist in Intelligent Plant's experience. Alarm and event data is notoriously hard to interpret and process as it is very noisy. Advanced filtering techniques are an inherent part of SEER - and allow for clean visualisation of what really matters.

Nevertheless, prior to using SEER, you should have:


  • Operator Interventions available in Alarm Feed.
  • Detailed alarms from equipment skids available (not "Common Alarm").
  • Performed and Implemented a thorough Alarm Rationalisation
  • Performed and Implemented a thorough Alarm Reduction programme.
  • Performed and Implemented a thorough Event Reduction programme.
  • A thorough understanding of each and every alarm and event.


Prior to authorising a sale of SEER to you, Intelligent Plant will help you get all the pre-requisites in place first. This is a valuable exercise in itself, and will allow significant value to be gained from the alarm system, even if SEER is not subsequently installed. 

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