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Use machine learning yourself and easily define different operating modes on your plant from multiple PVs.

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What Does OpMode do? 


OpMode provides engineers with a quick and easy way to run a machine learning algorithm on operational data from compressors, gas turbines, valves and any item of plant. OpMode performs PCA (Principal Component Analysis) to try to find failing or poor performing equipment.

Train OpMode on data from normal operation modes and receive notifications when abnormal modes are detected. OpMode can be used as an important tool in your Predictive Maintenance programs.

As an example: When OpMode was used on choke valves without a choke model and with only pressures and position data, it highlighted a problem occurring 2 months before a failure which required the replacement of a choke valve. 

OpMode consists of 3 main  components:


  • A collection of modes


  • Mode component can be defined by one or more areas


  • Process PVs bounded by a period of time which indicate a mode. For better and more precise results you may want to define multiple areas

By default OpMode will profile 6 months of historical data. It will then subscribe to new values coming in for selected tags. You can track progress displayed on the mode card or visualise them in trend by finding a newly created tag.

These mode results can then be superimposed against the source data tag.

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