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-Follow [[|these]] instructions to install an on-premises data gateway. 
-Once the gateway is set up, follow [[|these]] quick steps to install Intelligent Plant Industrial App Store Connector. You will need to [[|contact]] Intelligent Plant in order to obtain the custom connector file. 
-**Setting up the gateway with IndustrilAppStore Connector** 
-Here are the steps to configure gateway side of things (this assumes that you have installed it): 
-  - Create a directory that the user which is used to run the gateway service can access (READ). I'll use C:/Documents/Connectors/ as an example for further steps.  
-  - Put the issued IndustrialAppStore.mez file into C:/Documents/Connectors/. 
-  - In gateway application, click Connectors option and navigate to C:/Documents/Connectors/. 
-  - Give it a split second and the Industrial AppStore connector should appear in the box above the path. If it hasn't - try restarting the service, if that won't help make sure you have permissions set correctly. There are log files for more information in the gateway installation directory. 
-  - If above worked, that's it! Navigate to and configure background data refresh using gateway option. 
-//Nore to IP developers [[|here]].// 
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