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   * Using the web app.   * Using the web app.
   * Using personal data gateway - instructions available [[powerbi:datarefreshgateway|here]].   * Using personal data gateway - instructions available [[powerbi:datarefreshgateway|here]].
 +=== Licensing ===
 +Customers need to purchase a subscription in order to retrieve data using Industrial App Store (IAS) Connector. Please contact Intelligent Plant [[|here]] or ping us an email at if you have questions.
 +  * An unlicensed data response in IAS Connector will look like this:
 +{{ :general:unlicensed_request_-_full.png?nolink&600 |}}
 +  * Licenses can cover a subset of available data. For example, we can license only tags that begin with FL*. In this scenario, a request multiple tags that are and aren't covered under this rule will look like so:
 +{{ :general:unlicensed_request_-_partial.png?nolink&600 |}}
 +  * And of course a full license will just display the data as is:
 +{{ :general:licensed_request_-_full.png?nolink&600 |}}
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