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Industrial App Store FAQ

Thinking about registering with the App Store but want to know a bit more about it first? You're not alone, below are our most Frequently Asked Questions. If yours aren't answered, get in touch.

What is the Industrial App Store?

The Industial App Store is an online marketplace for industrial applications. Industrial Apps typically perform visualization and analysis functions on industrial process time-series data (e.g. pressures, temperatures, choke postions, tank levels, flow-rates, etc…) and/or Alarm & Event data (e.g. outputs from monitors on SCADA, DCS, and ESD systems).

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What is App Store Connect?

App Store Connect is Intelligent Plant's data-routing and data-access software. It is installed to a customer network and enables connectivity between customer data sources and cloud based applications available on the Industrial App Store.

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How does App Store Connect work?

App Store Connect runs as a windows service on your corporate network (it's the only installation you need to do).

Once set-up, it acts a data conduit routing queries from Industrial App Store users to data sources configured on your App Store Connection. This video provides a good introduction…

What historians does App Store Connect support?

Is App Store Connect safe?

Where is data stored?

Have you a privacy policy?

Yes, read it here.

I'm new to the App Store, where do I start?

How do I connect an historian to the Industrial App Store?

Can I use the Industrial App Store to collaborate with colleagues in other companies?

How can I find out if my organization is using the Industrial App Store?

Do I need to install App Store Connect?

How do Microsoft Power Tools (Power BI, Flow Automate, Power Apps) integrate with the Industrial App Store?

How does the Industrial App Store fit with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)?

My country/company has strict data protection laws. Can I still use the Industrial App Store?

We don't store user passwords. We advise organizations that use Azure Active Directory to register their organization with the Industrial App Store. This means Microsoft take care of user authentication.

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Do you support multi-factor authentication?

Yes. If you register your organization with the Industrial App Store, your Domain Administrator can enable multi-factor authenticaion on your Azure Active Directory.

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How do you protect transmitted data?

All internet communication is encrypted via HTTPS.

Do you perform security audits?

Intelligent Plant (who manage the Industrial App Store) are ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 accredited.

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