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Sequence of Events (SOEx) Release Notes

This page describes the release notes for the Sequence of Events app.

If you experience issues following an update, we recommend that you clear your browser's cache and try reloading the app!


  • Excel Friendly Dates
    The CSV export funtion has been adapterd to return TimeStamp in an Excel-friendly local time (i.e. in the TimeZone of the person downloading the file).


  • New Feature: Hidden Fields 8-)
    Besides showing the standard fields of an Alarm & Event journal, SoE Explorer now also supports display, sort and filter functions on non-standard “hidden” fields. Whether any such fields actually exist will depend on the configuration of specific import flows, but it may contain “import information” (e.g.filename and line number references for data imported from textfile) or extended alarm information particular to certain SCADAs.
  • Minor bug fix to the Export to Excel function - certain reserved characters could previously trip it up (#1959)


This release contains the following changes:

  • Minor bug fixes when the main view wasn't getting sorted by the event timestamp (#1724).
  • Bug fixes when not all fields were exported to Excel (#1723).
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