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 ====== Gestalt Trend Release Notes ====== ====== Gestalt Trend Release Notes ======
 +===== Upcoming =====
 +==== 2021-10-Major ====
 +New Features
 +- Added share system for groups.
 +- Added share and permitions controls.
 +- Added functionality to rename files and folders. 
 +Modifications and Fixes
 +- Added Relative time menu to the global main menu.
 +- Added time controls for window menus.
 +- Modified tag search window to scroll and better size the results section.
 +- Modified request of preview data to make it fast and efficient.
 +- Fixed issue where loading a Trend dashboard with a null scrub time would result in an error.
 +- Fixed bug where Expression Evaluator did not add the tag to th window.
 +- Fixed bug where normalised limits would reset on time range change.
 +- Fixed issue where time pickers on menu pop up did not sync with the time of the window.
 +- Fixed issue where pop ups where not adjusting to mobile width.
 +- Fixed bug where scrubs were not being parsed correctly in the side menu.
 +- Fixed issue where the state of a digital tag was not being displayed.
 +- Fixed bug where a Trend opened from PnID did not retained the selected dates.
 ===== Current ===== ===== Current =====
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