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 ======Gestalt PnID Release Notes ====== ======Gestalt PnID Release Notes ======
 This page describes the release notes for [[|Gestalt PnID]]. This page describes the release notes for [[|Gestalt PnID]].
 +===== Upcoming =====
 +==== 2022-11-Major ====
 +=== New Features ===
 +  * **Bar Chart Component** - A new component for displaying aggregate data by interval with the choice to use a sum or average aggregation.
 +  * **Tag Information on Hover** - Added names, values and timestamps of any bound tags when hovering over a component.
 +=== Modifications and Fixes ===
 +  * Added minimum and maximum properties to sparkline to allow custom scaling and prevent rendering of points outside of this range.
 +  * Added search controls to the component explorer.
 +  * Added the option to retrieve only the id of the component in the component explorer.
 +  * Added an option to disable the interaction of an embedded component.
 +  * Added the ability to double click an embedded component to maximise it.
 +  * Added a file system modal that the user can use to select a trend dashboard to embed.
 +  * Added a checkbox option to display groups with no files saved to them.
 +  * Added “m” shortcut for opening the left side menu.
 +  * Added radius property to arc components, so user can manually set it.
 +  * Modified Group Dashboards to only display groups that have files.
 +  * Modified unavailable data source modal to provide more information, present friendlier data source names and allow the user to refresh the data source without having to reload the page. 
 +  * Modified the method in which files are saved to make it more robust and less prone to errors.
 +  * Modified event manager to disable scripting input until an event is selected.
 +  * Modified templating modal to cancel any pending requests if the user closes the dialogue.
 +  * Modified templating modal to prevent the user from being able to kick of the generation process multiple times.
 +  * Fixed an issue where the line-join property was not being correctly applied
 +  * Fixed an issue where the sparkline would always use 0 as its minimum value when scaling.
 +  * Fixed an issue where sparklines could not be hidden using the visible property.
 +  * Fixed an issue where a file whose name contained a comma could not be saved
 +  * Fixed an issue where text components were not loading their properties correctly.
 +  * Fixed an issue where it did not populate the properties of a newly created chart component.
 +  * Fixed an issue where the application would not work in Safari due to the use of a Regex feature not supported by it.
 +  * Fixed an issue where if a time span was used for the interval, it would not be correctly parsed.
 ===== Current ===== ===== Current =====
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