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Alarm Analysis Release Notes

This page describes the release notes for the Alarm Analysis app.

If you experience issues following an update, we recommend that you clear your browser's cache and try reloading the app.


  • Enhanced Alarm Response Manual (ARM) Functionality. Administrators can now upload and edit their Asset ARM documents.
  • Complex A&E parsing rules now supported in distinct c# files
  • Performance improvements to data relay methods employed in data streams from secure networks.


This release contains the following changes:

  • Daylight Savings: Improved handling of Daylight Saving transitions including highlights on reports where transitions occur.
  • Improved Navigation: Navigation Bar slider can be used to traverse complete A&E history
  • Current Month KPIs: Key Performance Indicators now calculated for the days elapsed in the current month.


This release contains the following changes:

  • SOEx like filtering.
  • Dedicated report export button for quick access.
  • General UI updates and under the hood improvements.


This release contains the following changes:

* Fixed instances when downloading Ms Word report might fail * KPI calculation updates * KPI configuration persistence bug fixes


This release contains the following changes:

  • Route Import Errors to an Alarm Analysis Index [more info].
  • Document AA Event Sink Import “Historic Scan Limit” Settings.
  • Stale Alarm ordering.
  • Frequency distribution chart fails.
  • Frequency distribution chart colouring.
  • Asset Timezone handling [more info].
  • Ensure all KPI descriptors in full Title Case for consistency.
  • UI components for major new feature - SOEx like filtering.


This release contains the following changes:

  • Updated Alarm Analysis: Scattergram Plot Position (#1128).
  • Period Average % above target (>10) displays red x for zero (#1814).
  • Function to exclude missing data (#1549). Requires ASC package update as well.
  • KPI configuration column names (#1825).
  • Ensure Bad Actor “Top 20” key does not always say “20” as it can be changed in config (#1553).


This release contains the following changes:

  • Changing number of bad actors to display will affect bad actor contribution chart (previously 20 was shown regardless of the setting).
  • Better error handling when specifying URL parameters.
  • Asset tree navigation now indicates which asset is selected.
  • Minor consistency and UI issues fixed.
  • Under the hood improvements.
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