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Welcome to the Industrial App Store

What is the Industrial App Store?

The Industrial App Store is an online market place of apps and web services that connect to industry standard data sources.

Getting Started

The first step is to register with the App Store.

Three authentication methods are available:

  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft

If your organization has registered with the App Store, login with your work credentials:

  • Select Sign-in with Microsoft
  • Enter your User Principle Name 1) and windows password.

App Store Homepage

The home page lists the apps currently available. To find out more about a specific app, open the App Card and explore product descriptions and online resources.

Depending on your organizations arrangement with the Industrial App Store, app access may be restricted.

When you first log in to the Industrial App Store, you will see the App Store front page.

 App Store Front Page

On the left side of the page, the menu can be seen. By selecting ‘My Account’, you can view the following information:

  • My Organisation (organisation name, registration date, app store groups and users for the organisation, etc.,)
  • Apps (what apps you are have given permissions to within the Industrial App Store, and which data sources you have selected for the apps)
  • Buy Credits (Purchase credits for use in the Industrial App Store applications)
  • Transactions (note of all credits purchased and spent on your account)
  • Get Connected (shows an App Store Connect explanation video, with useful information on accepted data sources and contact details)
  • Get Developing (contains a PDF that explains how to develop and add your own application onto the Industrial App Store)

Also on the menu are links to our App Store Wiki and YouTube page where useful instructional videos are available for many of the applications on the Industrial App Store.

 Developer Menu

If you are a developer, instead of seeing a ‘Get Developing’ option, you will have a dedicated Developer section with the following information:

  • Applications (What applications you are able to make changes to)
  • App Accounts (Shows credit transactions for each application you have access to as developer)
  • Settings
  • Resources (Provides links to useful resources for Industrial App Store developers)

On the top right of the screen are details about how many credits are on the account, the name of whomever is logged in, and a heart icon that stores your favourite applications.

The centre of the screen contains all of the applications available on the Industrial App Store. Click on any of the app cards and it will take you to that specific app page.

Open an Application

Select “Start” from the App Card to open an application.

You'll be taken through an Authorization Process where the app will prompt you for data access. Demo data sources are available, but your own data is more interesting.

If your organization has an App Store Connect installed, contact the App Store Connect owner to request access to company data sources.

Note that access to company data sources can only be granted after you have registered (ie. logged in for the first time) with the Industrial App Store.

A UPN has the format “username@domain”. In most cases, it will be the same as your work email address.
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