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Welcome to the Industrial App Store

What is the Industrial App Store?

The Industrial App Store is an online market place of apps and web services that connect to industry standard data sources.

Getting Started

The first step is to register with the App Store.

Three authentication methods are available:

  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft

If your organization has registered with the App Store, login with your work credentials:

  • Select Sign-in with Microsoft
  • Enter your User Principle Name 1) and windows password.

More info: Registering an Organziation with the App Store

App Store Homepage

Info cards display all the Apps available. Select one to find out more information.

Open an Application

Click on an Application Card to open an application.

You'll be taken through an Authorization Process.

Connect to Data

Most apps on the app store require a data source connection.

Demo data sources are available, but your own data is more interesting. If your organization has App Store Connect installed, contact the App Store Connect owner to request data access. Or install your own App Store Connect to share your own data sources2).

More info:

Get Credits

You'll need some credits to spend on apps.

To get some free credits, refer a friend. Log on to the App Store and click the “Refer a Friend” button.

Alternatively, buy credits from the App Store Top Up page.

Finally, if your organization is App Store Connected, they may have a pool of credits for employee use - in which case, contact the App Store Connect owner and request credits.

A UPN has the format “username@domain”. In most cases, it will be the same as your work email address.
If using a workplace computer, check your organization's policy before installing data connectivity software
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