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Preparing App Store Connect for Facit Monitoring

The following document provides instructions on how to configure App Store Connect for Facit Monitoring. It is intended for App Store Connect administrators (IT Professionals with access to on-site App Store Connect software services).


Facit requires a number of Data Core components to be built and configured before end-users can employ the online app for surveillance monitoring. Fortunately, App Store Connect takes care of most of the heavy lifting.

1. Log on to the App Store Connect server.

2. Open the App Store Connect admin console.

3. Enable the Facit Data Source.

3.1 Navigate to Real-Time Data > Data Sources.

3.2 Select Facit > Details > Actions > Configure Settings > General Settings > Disabled.

3.3 Set to False.

4. Apply Licence.

4.1 Request Alarm Analysis Licence Key from Intelligent Plant. We will require your Machine Id - this is listed under the Data Source properties.

4.2 Set Alarm Analysis Licence

5. Build required Data Core components.

5.1 Navigate to Facit > Details > Actions > Custom Functions Calls

5.2 Enter…

  • Custom Function Name: SetUpFacit
  • Parameters:
    • name - A named instance of Facit (e.g. “WindCo Facit”). Alternatively, omit to use default name “Facit”.
    • target - Any data source which Facit will monitor (e.g. My Historian).

This instantiates thes following Data Core components along with the necessary event subscriptions and monitoring data access.

  • Facit: An Alarm Analysis data source from which Script Tags actively monitor a target process data source.
  • Facit Limit Historian: A store for limit values.
  • Facit Archive Historian: A store for Script Tag calculated results.
  • Facit Alarm Analysis Sink: A process that writes Facit events to Alarm Analysis.

6. Configure security access to Facit related data sources.

Create a “Facit Users Group”, where members have access to the Facit app and each of the following data sources:

  • Facit - Read/Write
  • Facit Limit Historian - Read/Write
  • Target Data Sources - Read-Only

See Organization User and Data Management for more info.

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