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This video shows how to setup the Excel Query Add-In

  1. Download the Excel Query Add-In from the App Store (scroll down to the “Spreadsheets” section in the home area)
  2. Run the installer
  3. The Excel will launch automatically
  4. You may be asked if you trust the Add-In, select either “Always Trust this Publisher” or “Allow for this Session”
  5. An App Store login window will open in Excel, sign in with your App Store account
  6. When prompted to authorize the application click “Allow Access”
  7. Authorize your data sources by visiting Authorized Applications. Click “Excel query Add-In” authorize any data sources you need.

The add-in will automatically load each time you open excel.

If you are prompted to log in you must reauthorize any data sources by visiting Authorized Applications.

You can download a spreadsheet containing examples of all the formulas here.


To update the Add-In double click the “Excel Query Add-In” icon on your desktop. If a new version is available you will be prompted to download it.


  1. Open “Add or Remove Programs” in settings or “Uninstall a program” in “Programs and Features” in control panel.
  2. Select “Excel Data Query Add-In”
  3. Click “Uninstall”
  4. Unsure the “Remove the application from this computer” option is selected
  5. Click “Ok”

You may start getting an error when Excel opens that says the add-in can't be found, to fix this either reinstall the add-in or remove the add-in from Excel.

To remove the add-in from Excel:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Dismiss the warning
  3. Click “Open Other Work Books”
  4. Go to Options → Add-Ins
  5. Select “Excel Add-Ins” in the selection box at the bottom of the dialogue
  6. Click “Go”
  7. Deselect “Gestaltdataexcel-Addin-Packed” in the list
  8. Click “Yes” when prompted if you want to remove the add-in from the list
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