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-====== Creating an App from an ASP.NET Core App Template ======+====== Creating an ASP.NET Core App ======
-A number of different C# templates are available for creating your application+You can install project templates for Visual Studio 2022, Visual Studio 2019 and the .NET SDK's ''dotnet new'' tool by following the instructions on [[|]]. You can also visit the GitHub page for the template pack [[|here]] to view the documentation.
-The template pack is available on at installed, you can create an app in Visual Studio by selecting "Industrial App Store" from the "Project Type" filter in the new project window:
-There are instructions on the NuGet page for how to install the templates package. Once installed, you can create a new project from the command line:+{{:dev:vs_new_project_window.png?400|}}
-{{{ +You can also create an app from the command line using the .NET SDK:
-  mkdir MyNewApp.Web +
-  cd MyNewApp.Web +
-  dotnet new iasmvc +
-You can then add the project into a solution in Visual Studio and develop as normal, or you can use e.gVisual Studio Code as your editor and compile using the dotnet command line tool. There are a couple of additional steps required after creating the project (detailed in the project readme file), but it allows you to create a running app in just a couple of minutes.+<code> 
 +mkdir MyNewApp.Web 
 +cd MyNewApp.Web 
 +dotnet new iasmvc 
-Let us know how you get on with it!+After creating your app, please ensure that you read the README file in your new project to perform any additional required steps!
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