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   * [[Dev:App Store - Create COMING SOON app]]   * [[Dev:App Store - Create COMING SOON app]]
   * [[Dev:App Store - Create Services]]   * [[Dev:App Store - Create Services]]
-  * [[dev:asp-net-core-app|Creating an App from an Industrial App Store Template (alpha)]] +  * [[dev:asp-net-core-app|Creating an ASP.NET Core app]] 
-  * [[dev:app_store_-_template_to_start_a_new_app_in_visual_studio|Writing an App using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017]]+  * [[dev:app_store_-_template_to_start_a_new_app_in_visual_studio|Creating an ASP.NET app for .NET Framework using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (deprecated)]]
   * [[|Intelligent Plant on GitHub]] - Angular, React and other code samples.   * [[|Intelligent Plant on GitHub]] - Angular, React and other code samples.
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