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App Store Developers

Get Involved

Should you have an application that is doing something useful get in touch with us and you can be involved with the app store.

You don’t have to be a developer to make something useful.

We have the tools to allow excel spreadsheets to be commercialized and versioned – allowing users to be safe in the knowledge that they are using the most up to date version.

More Info

* App Store - Become a developer

* App Store - Create COMING SOON app

* App Store - Create Services


  • You’ll share in any profit made in our app store.
  • See how your app rates against other apps in our app store.

App Store API

The App Store API allows Apps to:

  • Access user information
  • Execute debit transactions of IP Credits from user accounts
  • Execute data retrieval requests to the user's App Store Connect data sources

The App Store API is only available to Apps registered for use in the App Store.

The App Store API is a RESTful API secured via OAUTH2.

The full App Store API is available here:

More Info...

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