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Update-safe Configuration

The Data Core runtime configuration 1) includes a number of default settings. Amending these directly is not recommended as they will be reverted by package updates. However, you can create an external settings file.

1. Navigate to the Data Core runtime directory. For an App Store Connect installation, this is…

  %ProgramData%\Intelligent Plant\Data Core Application Host\Service\Applications\App Store Connect

2. Create file:


3. Add setting overrides such as…

    "dataCore:application:name":"Intelligent Plant App Store Connect",
    "dataCore:csvDriver:baseDirectory": "CsvDriverFiles",
    "dataCore:alarmAnalysis:baseDirectory": "ImportScripts",
    "dataCore:scriptEngine:scriptTags:snapshotRecalculation:taskCount": "5"
not to be confused with DataCore.config - where data source configuration is stored
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