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Script Tags

Script Tags provide a highly configurable way to define calculation and event raising tags.

Script tags can be written in:

  • C#
  • FLEE (Fast Lightweight Expression Evaluation) - more info
  • Javascript

Script Tag Templates

Script Tag Templates are pre-configured to perform a specific function.

The following templates exist:


  • Average Calculator
    Periodically calculates the average value of a process tag.
  • Delta Calculator
    Calculates the delta between the value of two input tags.
  • GasVelocityCalculator
    Calculates gas velocity using flow rate and pressure.

Sensor Quality Checks

  • Bad Data Detection
    Data quality check that raises alert if monitored tag returns NaN or has a 'bad' status.
  • Channel Deviation Detection
    Checks for deviation in output from a sensor with two data channels. An alert indicates that one or both of the channels is unreliable. The method is to regularly compare Channel A and Channel B and check if difference is within acceptable instrument error tolerance. Default configuration is to check 24hr average difference 4 times per day.
  • Flatline Detection
    Script tag that checks for flatlining data (i.e. process tags where the tag may be updating regularly, but the sensor value is not changing).
  • Frozen Signal Detection
    Script tag that periodically ensures that newer values are being received for a tag.

Process Data Alerts

  • Equipment Running Status Monitor
    Monitors the running status of a piece of equipment and triggers and resets events when the status changes.
  • Fleeting Excursion Monitor
    Script tag template for monitoring sensors such as acoustic sand probes that can generate fleeting excursions.
  • Limit Monitor \\Script tag that periodically monitors a process tag value against a limit using MIN/MAX aggregated data.
    Use the FleetingExcursionMonitor template if you require a high degree of accuracy.
  • Time Based Delta Monitor
    Monitors the rate of change of a process tag over a time period.
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