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App Store Connect Artifacts

App Store Connect allows you to connect your data sources to cloud-based apps available on the Industrial App Store.

For general information on App Store Connect, refer to the [app_store_connect:app_store_connect|wiki].

An installer is available on the App Store.

The installer sets up the following artifacts:

Windows Services

Two services control the operation of:

  • Intelligent Plant Big Data Service
    Local data repository that can scaled up for high-performance high-volume data storage. Employed by Alarm Analysis and the IP Historian.
  • Intelligent Plant Data Core Service
    Handles data connection, routing and security.


The main folders are:

  • %Program Files%\Intelligent Plant\Data Core
    The Data Core Service host.
  • %Program Data%\Intelligent Plant
    The actual Data Core files. Includes connection drivers and configuration files.
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