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Alarm Analysis Import Stream

Alarm Analysis requires an import stream of Alarm & Event data. The process of importing data is a two-stage process:

  • Defining the Import Stream:
    Configuring a flow of data from an Event Source (e.g. an Alarm Collector database) to Alarm Analysis. This is defined in Data Core configuration.
  • Configuring Transform Rules:
    The source data will require parsing, interpretation, and (in some cases) cleaning rules applied. This is a specialized task requiring domain expertise. Alarm Analysis includes a configuration tool to assist the process.

The instructions below cover the first (more general) stage and describe a use-case where the data is imported from a Process Vue Alarm & Event database on SQL Server.

1. Configure Event Source

Process Vue persists Alarm & Event data to SQL Server. We can set up SQL Event Source to monitor the Process Vue data base and collect any new records.

2. Configure Alarm Analysis Event Sink

work in progress…

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