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1. Prepare Big Data Service for Backups

Before we can take a back-up, a configuration change is required. This modification is only required on initial set-up.

If you have already downloaded, deployed and configured the Back-Up utility (or installed “App Store Connect” which includes the back-up utility) proceed to step 3.

1.1. Stop the Big Data Service

Open Windows Services.

Find “Intelligent Plant Big Data Service”.

Right click, then select “Stop”.

1.2. Set a back-up location

Edit Elasticsearch configuration file: C:\Program Files\Intelligent Plant\Big Data\es\config\elasticsearch.yml

This is a text file using YAML format and can be edited using Wordpad.

#Define Physical Repo for snapshots
#More info: <>
path.repo: ["backup"]

Uncomment the path.repo entry (remove hash) and enter a back up location (e.g. “backup”).

NB. The suggested location (“backup”) is relative to the big data service. To store data to an explicit location use format “c:\\temp\\Backup” (with double back-slashes).

1.3. Restart the Big Data Service

Open Windows Services. Find “Intelligent Plant Big Data Service”. Right click, then select “Start”.

2. Download the Big Data Back Up Utility

Download and unzip the contents of the BackupUtility to your App Store Connect server.

We suggest deploying the back-up utility to the Intelligent Plant programs folder:

  • C:\Program Files\Intelligent Plant\BackupUtility

3. Take a Snapshot

Open the BackupUtility folder and double click “Snapshot.bat” to run.

This creates a database restore point protecting against data corruption or accidental loss.

The console window automatically closes after 10 seconds.

3.1 Manage Snapshots (optional)

For advanced Snapshot management (create/delete/list/restore) open the BackupUtility manager: double click “BackupUtility.exe”.

3 Archive back-up files

To protect against hardware failure, the contents of the back-up folder should be copied to an alternative location.

  • BackUp Folder: C:\Program Files\Intelligent Plant\Big Data\es\backup
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