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App Store Connect

App Store Connect allows you to connect your data to off-the-shelf apps available in the App Store right now!

Tools such as Gestalt Trend and PnID are ready to connect to live data for immediate interactive analysis.

With an App Store Connection apps connect directly to your data. No need for time-consuming uploads.

Data Sources

Data Sources are connections that support Tag Query and Time-Series data request.

  • Aspentech IP.21
  • CSV File Reader
  • CSV over COM Port
  • Expression Evaluator
  • In-Memory Data Source
  • Intelligent Plant Alarm Analysis
  • Intelligent Plant Data Bridge
  • Intelligent Plant Gestalt / Data Core
  • Intelligent Plant Historian
  • Matrikon ProcessNet
  • Modbus (TCP, UDP, or Serial)
  • MQTT
  • OSIsoft Asset Framework
  • SNMP Agent
  • Wave Simulator
  • Windows Performance Counters

Event Sources

Event Sources push events to subscribed Event Sinks.

Event Sinks

Event Sinks subscribe to Event Sources to process events. For example, save event to a log or database, send an email, etc…

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