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   * [[Data_Core:How to Connect your Data to the App Store]]   * [[Data_Core:How to Connect your Data to the App Store]]
   * [[App_Store_Connect:Share your Data with other App Store Users]]   * [[App_Store_Connect:Share your Data with other App Store Users]]
 +  * [[app_store_connect:Data Core Administrator Privileges]]
 +  * [[App_Store_Connect:Authorize Apps to Connect to your Data]]
   * [[App_Store_Connect:System Requirements]]   * [[App_Store_Connect:System Requirements]]
 +  * [[App_Store_Connect:Connection Security]]
-===== More Info =====+//**Download the [[ Store Connect Quick Reference.pdf|App Store Connect Quick Reference]]**//
-  * [[App_Store_Connect:Connection Security]] +===== More Info on App Store Connect ===== 
-  * [[Data_Core:Data Sources]] - Complete list of App Store Connect compatible data sources + 
-  * [[Data_Core:Connect to a PI Server via App Store Connect]] +App Store Connect is built on Intelligent Plant'Data Core framework. For information on the Data Core, see
-  * [[Data_Core:How to Run App Store Connect under a Service Account]] +
-  * [[App_Store_Connect:Authorize Apps to Connect to your Data]] +
-  * [[App_Store_Connect: Back Up and Restore]]+
 +  * [[Data_Core:Advanced Data Core Configuration]]
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