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Alarm Analysis Licensing

Alarm Analysis is licensed at the data source level.

There are 3 ways to set up or update a AA license:

1. Using App Store Connect

  1. Open App Store Connect. Double click the App Store Connect on your desktop or open a browser window and navigate
  2. Hit Configure Data Core.
  3. Navigate to Real-Time DataData Sources and find the Alarm Analysis data source you wish to licence
  4. Click on Details and then at the bottom of the page ActionsCustom Function Call (NOTE: if you don't see Custom Function Call it means you are not an administrator. Please get in touch with ASC administrator to perform this action or to add you to the administrator's group).
  5. Enter the following values into the designated fields:
    1. Custom function name:
    2. Parameters:
      "LicenceKey": "your-new-licence-key-here" 
  6. Click Run. If all executed correctly you should see HTTP Response Code: 200 as well as a true value below indicating that the new licence was set. Restart the data source.

 A&E licensing

2. Using Alarm Analysis app

Coming soon.

3. Licence File

Coming soon.

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