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Alarm Analysis Reports

Alarm Analysis provides detailed Alarm & Event reports.

Key reports are listed below, along with (in some cases) information on they are calculated and how they should be interpreted.

Alarm Overview

Bad Actor Overview

  • Bad Actor Count
  • Bad Actor Contribution
  • Fleeting Alarms
  • Chattering Alarms
  • Disabled Alarms

Bad Actor Detail

  • Alarms in each Hour of each Day
  • Alarms per Hour of Day
  • Standing Alarms
  • Symptomatic Alarms
  • Symtomatic Interventions
  • Symptomatic Events
  • On to Off (IO)
  • Off to On (OI)
  • On to On (II)

Interventions Overview

  • Interventions Over Time
  • Avg Interventions per Hour of Day
  • Intervention Frequency Distribution
  • Intervention Count
  • Intervention Contribution
  • Interventions per Day
  • Interventions per Hour per Day
  • Interventions per Hour of Day
  • Symptomatic Interventions
  • Symptomatic Alarms
  • Symptomatic Events
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