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Stale Alarms Report

Definition: Stale alarms are alarms which are/were on for 24 hours or more.

The picture above shows an example Stale Alarm Report.

By default, the report shows the Top 20 stale alarms (sorted by “Total On Time”) for a defined reporting period (e.g. 1 Oct 2020 00:00:00 - 1 Nov 2020 00:00:00).

The calculated metrics are:

  • Count: Number of Stale Alarms / Total Number of Alarms, for reporting period.
  • Total on Time (days): The accumulated on-time of stale alarms.

Stale Alarm Detection

Alarm Analysis operates on Reporting Periods. That is, Alarm Analysis compiles metrics for a given date-range and will only detect a Stale Alarm if it transitions (annunciates or returns) within the reporting period.

With reference to the above illustration, the Stale Alarm report includes alarms that…

  • were on for 24 hours in the selected period (1).
  • transitioned after 24 hours (or more) in the selected period (2,3)
  • were on for longer than 24h but haven't returned to normal within the selected period (4).

Example 5 has no associated Alarm, therefore no on-time can be calculated and is therefore omitted.

Examples 6 and 7 transition outside the reporting period and are therefore omitted

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