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Valve Signature Tool

Get instant diagnosis of unhealthy valves in your sub-sea systems, predict possible failures & optimise interventions.

Alarm Analysis Lite

Get EEMUA 191 / ISA 18.2 Alarm Reports from raw csv/excel files. The Overview is free!

Alarm Analysis Pro

Drill down reports and detailed tag analysis facilitate quick identification of bad actors and problem areas, freeing you to troubleshoot.

Alarm Reports

Get EEMUA 191 / ISA 18.2 Alarm Reports from raw csv/excel files for only 1770 IP credits.

App Store Connect

Easily connect your data to the App Store and share it with apps and other users.

Controller Consultant

Understand how to best manage your controllers, do they need tuning? Are they over-tuned? The answer is within.

Gestalt PnID

Create high resolution Process and Instrumentation Diagrams with data-bound animations to give a real-time picture of your plant’s performance.

Gestalt Trend

A trending package which immerses you in your process data. Configure data sources then switch between multiple views for in-depth analysis.

Loop Drawing

Template for instrumentation engineers that they could use and tweak for generating loop drawings.

NLE Solver

Non Linear Equation Solver allows the user to specify the domain in which a solution is to be found and searching for multiple solutions.

PID Simulator

The Advanced PID Loop Simulator is a very powerful tool that can simulate and assist with tuning a loop on almost any control system.


Detailed report of events leading up to equipment failure aggregating years of data. This service will help you to improve uptime or you can get your money back.


Ensure efficient maintenance scheduling on major pieces of rotating equipment.

Excel Library Check

This product reads registry keys to analyze all libraries available for Excel on your computer

Excel Query Add-In

Excel add-in that permits you to query your connected datasources from Excel! (32-bit Excel Only)

ISCO Newsletter

The ISCO Newsletter is a weekly publication from the International Spill Control Organisation.


Use machine learning yourself and easily define different operating modes on your plant from multiple PVs. BETA version


Hyper power Root Cause Analysis of multiple events by using all the data you have on previous occurrences.


Understand compressor performance, and display current conditions with minimal instrumentation (no composition required)

Wax Intelligence

Determine if your process is building up wax, real-time and historical.

Well Intelligence

Optimise your choke positions to gain more production without changing anything else.

Coming soon...

FMECA Preparation

Initial pre-population of tailored FMECA template with generic failure mode & failure rate data for efficient execution

Valve Test Frequency

Analysis of valve function and test results to estimate valve failure rates and optimize test intervals


Integrated FMECA Management tool to ensure a clear auditable trail of components and failure modes are maintained.

RBI Tool

Risk Based Inspection tool to quantitatively derive the optimum inspection frequency for subsea components.

Augmented Support

Global augmented reality support for industrial services. Live video and audio from remote expert to worker on site.

Compressor Wizard

Surge is one of the major causes of compressor trip. Reasons can be changes in process conditions, upsets, set control.

Hydraulic Leakage

Monitor hydraulic fluid usage across your assets and detect leaks in your circuit.


Track your valve movement times to prove that they operate within their designated performance parameters.


Facit amalgamates and groups alarms and alerts into an intuitive dashboard to allow easy tracking, work flow management and automatic task auditing.

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