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A trending package which immerses you in your process data. Configure data sources then switch between multiple views for in-depth analysis.

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10 Users - 1 Site
1st Year - £21,420.00
Renewals - £10,710.00

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Gestalt Trend is an advanced data-visualisation tool that allows you to switch between multiple views for in-depth analysis using traditional line Trends, Parallel Co-ordinate Plots (PCP), Fast Fourier Transform Analysis (FFT), Histograms, Limits, XY Scatter Plots, Cross-Correlation Graph, Cross-Correlation Matrix, Calm Waters (3DCW1 & 3DCW2).

Share your analysis and collaborate with colleagues via small drag-and-drop files, allowing them to fully interact with your trend.

Views in Gestalt Trend

Pump - Trend View  


Pump - PCP View 


Pump - CCMatrix View