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Create high resolution Process & Instrumentation graphics with data-bound animations to give a real-time picture of your plants performance.

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Gestalt PnID


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What does Gestalt PnID do?

Gestalt PnID provides users with the ability to visualise and analyse plant operations with views showing dynamic process values and indicators that specify how the plant process is performing in real time.


Gestalt PnID comes with the following tools to visualise and analyse your plant data:


  • Interactivity with Gestalt Trend - Trends can be embedded into PnID effortlessly, allowing operators to see the history of data.
  • Create genies that can be saved for future use on dashboards.
  • Link multiple dashboards together for flowing through plant processes.
  • Use PnID's Events Manager to perform additional events such as pop up displays and counters.
  • Folder setups that give you the ability to share dashboards with other team members and choose permissions.


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